-Classic Swedish-

The quickest way to deep relaxation!

Oils, lotions, Hot Stones,

and smooth, gliding massage strokes.

Firm but gentle pressure promotes deep relaxation,

easing muscle tension and decreasing both

mental and physical stress.

-Deep Tissue Therapy-

Deep Tissue work treats specific areas of muscle tension and adhesions,

restoring pain-free movement and mobility.


Hot Stones melt cooler tissues,

preparing the body for deeper, more focused work.

Most visits include both Swedish

and Deep Tissue techniques

to relax, calm, and to address

the trouble spots of the day.

-Injury Treatment-

Long-term injuries often create discomfort and tension;

recent injuries can cause acute pain and trauma.

In both cases, specific Injury Treatment Massage

along with the Hot Stones

reduces and eliminates pain and stiffness,

getting you back to feeling your best!