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Welcome To Zoom Weddings!

A lot has changed in the last couple of months here in the U.S. because of the Covid-19 of the lovely things we are seeing is the ability for many Ordained Ministers and Officiants to preside over marriage ceremonies long distance! Talk about your amazing social distancing practices!

There are a lot of reasons that couples may choose to tie the knot during times like these. Some folks feel the need to make a solid commitment to each other during a time that seems more fragile and ungrounded in nature...some folks realize that it's time to reorganize their priorities and get their relationship ducks in order at long last...for some, it's the need to feel secure in their rights and benefits as a married couple as opposed to remaining single, while together, going forward. All of these are completely valid, and I am pleased that so many counties around the country are realizing the need for socially distanced weddings, and are creating guidelines that support these.

The basic requirements, for most counties observing this shift, seem to be:

-Distanced Witnesses need to observe the Couple signing the certificate, and the Distanced Witnesses sign the certificate saying that they did so.

-The Certificate would need to be mailed to the Witnesses and Distanced Officiant (whomever is participating in a location other than where the couple are) for signing.

-The fully signed Certificate would then have to come back to the County's Auditor’s Office for recording.

Not too tough! But, each county runs it own Marriage customs and practices, so you will need to find out for yourself how it works. For instance, Williamson County in Texas is currently the only county in Texas allowing for new marriage licenses...but you have to arrive in person to apply. This may change (and things change daily now!), but you get the around and find a county nearest you that allows for new marriage licenses, allows for distance marriages, and allows for the Officiant that you want to preside.

Whether you want a short and sweet ceremony between the basic 5 people, or a larger ceremony to include a wider range of friends and family, the Zoom platform has proven itself to be a relatively painless way to go, and is my current favorite. FaceTime, however, is widely available, and can certainly do in a pinch. :)

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