Why do you use Hot Stones?

Hot Stones are my not-so-secret weapon!

The cooler tissues of the body are warmed by the heat of the smooth basalt stones, resulting in softer, more fluid tissue.

With Classic Swedish massages, I mostly use the stones in my palms

to warm and relax the cooler tissues.

With Deep Tissue Therapy, the stones also can be used on specific sore spots to relieve deep muscule spasms-

They are magic!

The temperature and use of the Hot Stones

can always be adjusted for your comfort.

What can I expect during my visit?

A clean, comfortable clinic and massage room.

A short intake form, a cup of water.

The massage room will be dimly lit and meditative music will play.

After a thorough review of your intake form and health history,

I will work with you to determine the massage plan.

I will leave the room to scrub my hands and get the hot packs

while you get comfortable on the massage table.

(You are welcome to leave on any articles of clothing you wish;

please know that the draping is always modest and secure.)

The room is fully equipped to be sure that you are comfortable at all times.

After the massage, more water!

Water aids in flushing out the wastes released,

bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen throughout your body most quickly.

How often should I schedule a massage?

Most clients following a regular plan of stress management

will see me every 3-4 weeks.

Some clients, experiencing acute or long-term pain, choose to see me weekly or bi-weekly until their symptoms come under control.

I find that if a client receives massage therapy at least every 4 weeks,

there is far less chance for chronic muscle spasms to take hold.

Regular massage therapy keeps muscles knot-free;

you will really know when you've missed a regular appointment!

Do you take insurance clients?

Absolutely! I pre-approve and handle all the billing.

Most insurance plans cover massage therapy to some extent.

If you are unsure, I will gladly take your information

and get back to you with the answers you need.

In the state of Washington, auto accident/Personal Injury Claims

start at $10,000 of coverage, depending upon your policy,

and you currently do not need a doctor's referral to receive massage

as soon as you wish-the sooner, the better, of course.

One last note

Please remember, this is YOUR massage.

I take pride in giving my clients the massage they desire,

and I am happy to make any adjustments you need.

If you need more pressure, let me know.

If you need less pressure, let me know.

If you hate the music-let me know!

Everything in the massage environment

can be adjusted to ensure your comfort.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.

Client education is important to me.

My mission is to do my best to give you what you need.

I hope to see you soon!